One exhibition, two Venues, a stand off in a park and a battle of the bands.

Sunday 8th September 2002.

A crazy day out in Leytonstone. Bring a picnic

The Manchester Artworld is going to tackle the London Artworld via a tug-o-war in Coronation Gardens (Off Leyton High Road, East London). The northerners angry cry of 'Fuck Off You Cockney Wankers' has already been responded to by the southern contingents sardonic comment 'Fat Cat Manchester Artists live like Kings'.

This event is complimented by upto 30 artists from both cities showing in both the established' Leytonstone Centre for Contemporary Art Britain' (49 Rhodesia Road, E1 1 ) and new -turk gallery to the area 'The Leyton Wall Modern' (3 Brisbane Road, E10)

Vote out your least favourite work in a big- brother style contest.

It is an all day event on Sunday 8 September and will conclude with a Ken Ardley Playboy's V Die Kunst battle of the bands at the Coach and Horses Leyton High Road in the evening.

Meet 12 noon Coronation Gardens Leyton Sunday 8th of September

Manchester Artists grow fat on public subsidy from Northern Arts. They think if they have a show in the Penines its "getting their work out there". They have cushy jobs in provincial art schools. House prices are so low in Manchester they ail live in huge mansions'.

On the other hand the London art world is a seedy zoo of talentless show off thickos.

London contestants: Terry Bond, Karen Denshaw, Karl Maughm, Mark Wallenger, Mel Brimfield, Victor mount, Wayne Lloyd, Jessica Voorsanger, John Russell, Jeannette Paris, Stuart Taylor, Lothar Goetz, Dan Griffiths, Sally Barker, Graham Revell, Moyra Derby, Peter Fillingham, Mark Wright, David Hoyland, Bob Smith

Manchester contestants: David Mackintosh, Charlotte Hollingsworth, Lawrence Lane, Karina Lax, Sue Scowcroft, Julie Lang, David Alker,David Gledhill, Andrew Gannon Martin Vincent, Rob Wheeler, Steven Renshaw, Paul Needham, Mike Dawson, Dean Hughes, Khara Lewis, Paul Roberts, Magnus Quaife.